Thank-You to all our wonderful families for their support

We appreciate the out pouring of love and support. We try to foster a sense of family amongst all participants in the program. Our primary concern is to give the kids lifelong lessons through athletic involvement. We understand that everyone can’t be a world class athlete but everyone can be a “World Class Person”.


Thank you for helping me become faster and fit.  Without the help from you, I would not be succeeding in soccer the way I am now.  I am glad to be part of the G-Force Family.

Alex – G-Force Athlete


I Thank God for you Coach Cindy & Coach Travis. Words can’t express how grateful I am for all things you guys have imparted into Tori during all her years with G-Force. She started almost 7 years ago and today she has work ethics in this world of track and field that matches no other. The blood sweat and tears you poured into her is shinning brightly. As she transitions to High School I thought it robbery if i did not thank the two people who have laid a path for her to succeed. You all pushed her passed her limits and challenged her pass her desires but today as I watch her transition onto her high school team you guys would be proud she does her drill exactly as you taught her she works hard exactly how it was instilled into her and for that I say THANK YOU!!! She is the exact picture of patience and hard work. Through all of her injuries and all of her let downs you all stood by her. Thank you G-Force Speed you laid the foundation and prepared her to succeed at the next level. We will always bleed Black and Yellow. We started out as teammates and now we are family. Keep doing the great work you are doing impacting kids one life at a time. We might not see you as often as we are use to but nothing can change that bond that we all share. My heart smiles as I watch her do her thing in front of a different coaches and the coaches recognized she is cut from a different cloth and that cloth is yellow and black!!!! Hard work, works hard!!!! FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEART THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND YOUR GIFT YOU HAVE POURED INTO OUR DAUGHTER🥇🥇💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤. Family Always….

K. Thomas, Weston, FL


What a great team of coaches we love them!!! They have taught our daughter to work hard and reach her full potential!!!! So happy she is part of this wonderful family ❤️

V. DeLuca, Weston, FL

G-Force, Coach Travis and Cindy have done a fantastic job addressing the youth needs in track and field in this area. Particularly, their caring style of coaching, nurturing all athletes regardless of their levels of development, is a breath of fresh air and represents what is pure in coaching to me. They attend to the child’s mind, body, spirit as they coach and correct in a respectful, positive manner…. many times forgotten by coaches in all arenas, especially in youth athletics.. As a former youth coach, and current team FIU physician and caring for athletes from youth, high school, college, pros and post career, I endorse and support G Force.   Our community needs G-Force’s presence as a vital asset in their children’s development.

G. Munoz, MD, Weston, FL


My children love running for G-Force. It has been a great program for the Weston youth. 

L. Nixon, Weston, FL


This program has transformed my Daughter and given her the confidence to succeed. She has never been interested in sports and this program has allowed her to stay fit and active. She looks forward to it every week. The socialization is great and she loves all her track friends. Us Mom and Dads get to work out on the track also which is a win win! All shapes, sizes and ages on this team and Coach Travis and Cindy know how to make each one walk off the field feeling like they can do anything! They will find that something special in your kid that nobody knew was even there and make them shine!

M. Hart, Weston, FL

My children have been privileged to be a part of this magnificent team & the great coaching. The skills and positive reinforcement that are taught are just a couple of the benefits The City of Weston & Tequesta Trace would be a part of.

S. Helf, Weston, FL

This track team has been an example for the community on how to run a program that puts the kids first above all. The club welcomes kids from early ages and is encouraging to see how our coaching staff works with them regardless of they athletic abilities and develops them into athletes that go and compete in regional and national events and shine.

A. Serrano, Weston, FL

We have been training with G-Force and feel very strongly that they are a great asset to our community in providing quality training programs for young athletes of all levels. 

T. Parraga, Weston, FL

My son has ran with this club and the coaches and what they stand for is incredible. G-force is an excellent program with coaches that care for the kids and the sport of Track and field.

C. McDonald, Pompano Beach, FL

I believe in G-Force and the training has impacted my daughters confidence and performance.   The club is inexpensive and for working parents in Weston, this is a great benefit because most clubs are very expensive.

M. Castell, Weston, FL

I have been with coach Travis for almost 3 years and what he has done with my son is fantastic. My son was a mediocre runner until my son started working out and training with G-Force.  Nicholas now places in the top 15 on multiple track events in the state of FL. We are looking forward to be on the top 5 by next year. Thank you coach Travis and Cindy. You guys are the best.

L. Johnson, Weston, FL

My daughter trains with G-Force and has learned tremendous track skills. The organization is extremely well run and the trainers are highly qualified and very caring. Through her training with G-Force, my daughter has greatly improved her strength, balance, coordination and speed. 

I. Pabian, Weston, FL

My son’s are part of G-Force and this group gives to our kids, not just the sport training, but a great and powerful way to expend their time, full of good energy, care and the best coaches ever.

M. Lugo, Weston, FL

My daughter has been on this track team over 4 years and has benefited greatly from this track team. They took a kid who had no track experience and has made her into a top athlete. She has competed in the Junior Olympics of track and field every year under this program which is a great accomplishment.

K. Early-Thomas, North Lauderdale, FL

My two daughters have been practicing with G-Force for almost 2 years and their progress has been amazing with the help of Coach Travis. I will not consider any other coach.

J. Inoa, Davie, FL

This is a excellent program with great coaches that My children enjoy for more than a year.

M. Pinedo, Weston, FL


By N. Johnson (G-Force Athlete)

Ever since I was a young boy, I wanted to be a star runner. At the beginning I was sad, because I would see other kids running like lightning and I was amazed at their speed. I knew I wanted to be like them and run as fast as they did, so I decided to start training really hard every day after school.

I would practice during recess by racing my classmates and at home running with my friends. My parents saw my determination, so that’s when they decided to sign me up for track and field. This is when I met my superheroes, Coach Travis and Coach Cindy.

At first I was shy with my coaches and didn’t know what to do. All I wanted to be was a fast runner. My coaches encouraged me to always try my best. They did this, by teaching me techniques to become an excellent runner. At the beginning it was like the coaches could read my mind and always knew what I was thinking when I did not do well on a meet. It’s like they had telepathic minds. They always have the right words to make me feel relaxed.

As I became faster and better in every Track Meet, my coaches decided to put me in the Elite Team. The Elite team is the team that competes on all meets. By being in the Elite, I am making a commitment to not miss practice and never think about quitting.

Before, I knew it I started to compete in track meets and started to win medals. My coaches are always there teaching my teammates and I, techniques to become faster and to someday achieve our dreams.

One of the ways my heroes impacted my life was by teaching me to be active and not sit around the TV eating junk food. They are amazing coaches and my teammates and I always feel we can count on them and trust them with any problem we have. My coaches are my heroes.

(We Thank-you Nick….You are why we do what we do !!!! )


by N. Johnson (G-Force Athlete)

I Am: competitive and fun.

I Wonder:  If I will become a professional athlete when I grow up.

I Hear:  The football and track crowd cheering.

I See:  professional football players.

I Want:  to be successful in life.

I Am:  Motivated.


I Pretend:  I am a NFL professional player.

I feel:  like I could make it to the NFL, and professional track Olympic medalist.

I Touch:  A football and track spikes.

I WORRY:  That I won’t make it into the NFL and won’t become an Olympic medalist in track.

I CRY:  If I get hurt in a football game.

I AM:  Competitive and Fun.


I UNDERSTAND:  That not everyone will make it to the NFL and THE OLYMPICS in track.

I Say: I WILL try my hardest to take myself there.

I DREAM:  That I will become a successful athlete.

I Try:  To always stay positive before a football game or a track competition.

I Hope:  That I will never get Negative thoughts ever again.

I Am Competitive and FUN.

(Great Job Nick—You are already a Champion!!)


   We LOVE What We Do  


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