G-Force Membership



We offer a complete Year Round Speed Training Program for athletes Ages 4-18.  Our program will INCREASE your athletes:

  • Maximum Velocity
  • First Step Quickness
  • Agility
  • Power
  • Strength

We Correct & Perfect technique and running form, as we work on building the athletes core and bodies in a challenging yet fun & positive environment.   We love what we do and love to see the athletes grow and develop.   Training begins by building a base of general conditioning, based on a careful analysis of current performance through functional fitness training.  Functional Fitness Training is a whole body regimen that concentrates on helping muscles work together to prepare your body for real life activities and allows the athlete to develop their bodies to build progressively to avoid injuries.   Functional training challenges the body to work as a whole for sport specific movements.  It is a superior way to improve strength, balance, stability, agility, coordination and quickness.  Through repetitions of proper movement and technique, you will see a transformation in your athletes development and coordination.

Whether you want a training regimen based on “Participation” for fitness, or are looking for a more intense regimen based on “Performance” for athletic results, our program will meet your athletic training needs.  The more the athlete trains, the more they will get out of the program.  Speed must be developed on a year round basis — You don’t use it…You lose it.

Proper training in the off season will make you stronger and help you stay injury free, which will give you greater confidence when its time to compete.  All sports, All ages, and All athletes are welcome!!




Coach Travis — 754-246-3438


Coach Cindy

Coach Darren




The G-Force Membership includes Unlimited Training.  The G-Force Program is a vigorous program that requires hard work and dedication.  The training includes periodized intensive workouts geared to have the athlete compete at a high level.  We seek to maximize individual speed potential, and harness the power needed to cover more ground quickly. We teach the techniques utilized by the Worlds Elite Sprint Coaches that is scientifically based on years of research. We teach proper running mechanics to become more efficient sprinters. We offer a complete program that improves playing speed for all movements in all sports which includes: Starting, Stopping, Change of Direction, Cutting, Acceleration and Sprinting.

NOTE:  Athletes who would like to compete and join our AAU Track & Field Competitive Team must have a G-Force Membership.  Available competitions are primarily in the Spring/Summer, with athletes competing in approximately 1 event per month.  Participation with the team is not required, but is encouraged.


–It is a monthly membership, therefore, come as little or as much as you like–

Monday and/or Tuesday and/or Thursday

4:30 – 5:30


Cypress Bay High School

18600 Vista Park Blvd.

Weston, FL  33332


Please have athletes bring water and wear comfortable training clothes and running shoes.  If training needs to be canceled due to weather, an alert will be sent out thru text (no weather makeup days)


A Registration Fee ($99) will be included at initial sign up to program.  If account is suspended, canceled or lapse in payment, the account will be charged another registration fee to reinstate or re-register.

All subscriptions are monthly memberships and are based on a reoccurring 4 week billing cycle which will automatically be charged each month regardless of attendance (missed days, weather days & days off due to holidays, do not roll over).  If you need to cancel  your account, please let us know 15 days before next billing date.