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  1. Hello . My daughter would like to seeone of your trainings. Aer you training today at 5pm (Tuesday 27th). Thank you.


    • Yes we will be training at Tequesta Trace Park from 5:00-6:00 in Weston tonight and Thursday night as well….. Hope to see you there!!! Coach Travis


  2. Just moved to Weston. I am interested in having my son try one of your summer evening classes. It says you meet at Cypress Bay HS at 5 PM, but where? He is turning 9, and runs mostly distance and cross country. I respond quickly to email.


    • Good Afternoon…. Yes we normally meet M/T/Th 5:00-6:00 at Cypress Bay HS on the track, but we are not holding classes this week. We resume on Monday and would love to have him come out for a trial session. Please send me your phone number and his name and I will send you forms to fill out before attending the trial session. We look forward to working with him to increase and develop his Speed, Strength and overall Fitness….. G-FORCE


  3. Hi. My daughter runs the 800 and 4×4 relay. Does your sprint training cover the longer distances. Also, do you train over the summer?


    • Hi Good Afternoon…..Yes the training covers those sprint distances. Yes we train over the summer in the evenings and also have morning Summer Camp hours available. We train weekly & throughout the summer M/T/TH 4:30-5:30 at Tequesta Trace Park in Weston. We would love the opportunity to develop your athlete. Please feel free to call at any time if you have any further questions at 754-246-3438


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