At G-Force we believe speed is a skill that can be taught. We seek to maximize individual speed potential, and harness the power needed to cover more ground quickly. We teach the techniques utilized by the Worlds Elite Sprint Coaches that is scientifically based on years of research. We teach proper running mechanics to become more efficient sprinters. The G-Force Program is a complete program that improves playing speed for all movements in all sports which includes: Starting, Stopping, Change of Direction, Cutting, Acceleration and Sprinting.


Programming the Central Nervous System is the only way to improve speed and movement components. Central Nervous System Training is the base for the G-Force Speed Development Program. We must train the brain to send faster messages to the bundles of nerves that connect to muscle fibers to get them to fire more quickly to express faster speed movement. There are two types of people: People with High Developed Central Nervous Systems and People with Under Developed Central Nervous Systems.

How long would it take for you to walk through your house and turn on each individual light, radio, appliance, and gaming system, etc.? Now imagine if you could turn on all of the items with the push of one button. How much time could you save? That’s the exact principle of the G-Force Training Program. Creating a master switch to activate all of the muscle fibers needed to work in unison. To have the control to shut off the lights you “Don’t” need and the lights you “Do” need with just the push of a button from one room (The Brain).


Our dedicated and certified coaches make learning the biomechanics of athletics fun, while engaging and advanced techniques, broaden your athletes future. Our challenging athletic program will encourage your athlete to embrace a life-long love for fitness to secure a healthy future. Our program is designed to increase the athletes’ athletic performance, while maximizing their individual talent.

Natural talent must be developed. Athletes will see immediate improvement in their balance, coordination, flexibility, speed/agility with a high level of cardiovascular fitness, superior self-control, as well as, overall self confidence. Our program concentrates on athletic overall development in a professional atmosphere. To be a Pro, you must train like a Pro…..no matter what your age!!! It takes 8 years of sport specific training for an athlete to master the skill of sprinting. Give your athlete the advantage and start now. Join G-Force in the pursuit of perfection!!!!

Good Habits are as easy to form as bad ones!!!  Start Early!!!


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We’re the best


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